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Pexicon is proud to launch Please have a look and send us your thoughts.

Pexicon is lining up a number of new Vaults in the future we will keep you posted.

Pexicon offers the complete solution for the digitisation, storage, organisation and retrieval of all media files.

Product Info

The Pexicon Manager framework is based on the principle of high quality digital files that can be organised, easily retrieved, sorted and edited. Pexicon Manager is a versatile application designed for creating, indexing, key-wording and managing digital assets in a standalone or multi-user network environment.

Whether it is a digital asset register, an online image bank, a marketing tool or an e-commerce application, Pexicon can provide the digital solution.

Our products include:

Pexicon specialises in the high quality photography, digitisation and archiving of art collections for both corporate and private clients. We have developed intuitive software for clients to manage their art collections. These systems can either be hosted on an office network or accessed via the internet using your web browser.The art management program can be adapted to any high-end asset, it has been used for antiques, jewellery, furniture, sports memorobilia as well as medal, coin and stamp collections. Pexicon can also assist with art valuations, art security systems as well as insurance.

The Pexicon Fixed Asset Register is designed to accommodate your fixed assets. The program works together with the Pexicon Manager to give you complete control of your fixed assets recording the value, location and description. The Asset Register stores photographs and related information and makes use of an intelligent bar coding system to help monitor asset movement. The asset register provides reporting functionality enabling it to link to various financial packages. A full financial module is also available should you require it.

The Pexicon Web application allows you to place your media assets online. With years of experience in creating user-friendly and simple interfaces, Pexicon Web gives your assets maximum exposure. Pexicon's understanding of public access software and web user requirements has brought about this ideal tool for galleries, museums and libraries to display their assets as well as produce anything from simple search and display sites to fully functional e-commerce sites.

For the complete interactive experience, including video clips, 360º panoramic pictures with embedded links and a fully searchable database, Pexicon Interactive allows your digital assets to come to life. Pexicon Interactive provides the ideal solution when it comes to marketing products as well as facilitating educational and research requirements.