Pexicon News

Pexicon is proud to launch Please have a look and send us your thoughts.

Pexicon is lining up a number of new Vaults in the future we will keep you posted.

Pexicon offers the complete solution for the digitisation, storage, organisation and retrieval of all media files.

About Us

For the past four years the Pexicon team have been dealing with extensive collections, data records and digital media files. Working closely with owners and users, we have gained in depth knowledge of building and maintaining flexible and fully searchable digital registers. Pexicon continues to provide digital media solutions for individuals, organisations and corporations across a variety of market sectors.

Pexicon offers the complete digitisation service, from high resolution photography to image editing, storage and easy retrival.

To complete the solution, Pexicon offers installation of our software, on-site training and maintenance agreements as well as constant upgrades to our software to include newly developed functionality. Pexicon is committed to providing quality products and services allowing our clients to maximise the potential of their digital assets and enhance their effectiveness.